Supporting Public Libraries & Digital Book Clubs, Digital & Print Book Purchases

There are traditional ways to support pubic libraries, but nothing compares to how much Digital Book Clubs support public libraries on a day-to-day basis and moving forward. After all, that’s what reading (E-books, print) and listening (audio books) is about- day-to-day. 

Library collections grow and grow with digital books, but patrons can’t support public libraries when purchasing digital books by using a public library’s AmazonSmile banner. Digital Book Club’s All Smiles relates to public library digital book collections by allowing patrons an opportunity to support public libraries via digital book purchase links 

Join a Digital Book Club to support your public library. Whether you enjoy reading and discussing readings, or you simply just enjoy reading a Digital Book Club is an opportunity to read and support your public library.

All Smiles links are specially coded to a specific library. Digital Book Club’s AmazonSmile is included for print book only and other products. Unlike each of the other merchants, AmazonSmile purchases are not tracked to a specific library. offers new and used print books and sales can be tracked for a specific library. 

Business communities can support the public library within their community by integrating a Digital Book Club banner on their webpage that works like AmazonSmile and supports that business community’s public library. Individuals who aren’t members of Digital Book Clubs can link to a Digital Books Clubs All Smiles banner to purchase digital, print books and other products to support their public library.

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